Integration Script Generator

What is a Script Generator?

The Script generator is a tool for publishers to be able to quickly generate the Adspace scripts they want to integrate into their site(s) in order to start displaying ads. Below we’ll quickly walk you through how to use the Summit script generator and what to think about when generating your Adspace scripts.


Select Your Adspaces

The first step is to filter out and select the Adspace(s) you want to generate. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can choose to filter on either Site or Adspace level.




Select Script Type

Once you have filtered out and selected the Adspaces you want to generate you have to select between the typ of script you want to integrate on your site. The two script versions you can select between are the Dynamic Script or the Javascript SDK and dependent on what option you are selecting the output and final script will look differently. Below screenshots will show you the different options and outputs.



Dynamic Script


Javascript SDK

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