How to book a Medium Rectangle Split Video


Follow these steps to book a Medium Rectangle Split Video:

  • Navigate to the Details tab
  • Choose the Flight type Medium Rectangle Split Video


  • Add the landing page in the first square, Landing page URL
  • If you have a third party tracking Summit will automatically replace the [timestamp] in the URL with WS_DYN_INS_RAND. If you have different macros like CACHEBUSTER or RANDOM then you need to replace it manually and insert WS_DYN_INS_RAND
  • You can add additional script trackers if needed


  • Upload the start banner under Static start element
  • Upload the loop, by adding the banners or an animated Gif
  • Choose the position of the loop; bottom or top


  • Upload the video and the add video length and choose your video settings
  • Upload the end banner under Static end element
  • Save flight



Format size: Banners: W600xH250px for the static start banner and dynamically animated image. W600xH250px for the end banner.

Video: ASPECT RATIO 12:5. Minimum W600px. Max file size 10Mb, Duration 5-30 seconds (max 120 seconds), Video file formats MP4 H.264 codec 30fps and audio in AAC-LC up to 48kHz.

The animated banner is produced by Widespace from the video file.

See full specification by clicking here.


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