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Integrate MoPub SDK

The purpose of using the MoPub Mediation integration is to build a “bridge” between MoPub and Widespace SDK in order to give you as a publisher full control over your app(s) inventory and how much impression that should be served for e.g. your own and Widespace ads. in order to get started with the mediation integration you need to have MoPub SDK already integrated in your app(s).

The integration guidelines can be found at:


Last Updated

July 2017

  • Updated plugin with MoPub SDK 4.15.0 and Widespace Display SDK 4.8.7

Add the Widespace Plugin


Widespace Plugin Download 1.1.2


After you have downloaded the Widespace plugin and followed the SDK integration guidelines, please drag and drop the plugin files into your android projects Java folder. As you can see in the image we have decided to create a specific folder for the plugin files named “widespace.plugin”.

The plugin includes 2 files that is covering both banners and interstitial ad logic. These files are needed in order for the MoPub SDK to get control over the Widespace SDK.


MoPub Custom Network

Now when the integration part is done, you need to create a so called “custom native network” in your MoPub interface which can be done under the “Network” section.

Direct link:


Add a network


  • After you have navigated to the “Network” tab, click on “Add a Network”
  • You should now see the network modal popup. Scroll down and select “Custom Native Network”
  • Add a network title e.g. “Widespace”.
  • Under “Custom event class” you will have to add the package name + class name. So if you decided to name the folder like our example above (widespace.plugin) it will be added as com.widespace.plugin.WidespaceBanner or com.widespace.plugin.WidespaceInterstitial dependent on if you want to serve banner or interstitial ads on that specific placement
  • Finally, add the SID (unique ad placement ID you get from Widespace) under “Custom event class data”. Make sure you add it as JSON: {“sid”:”ADD_THE_SID_HERE”}


After you have prioritised and activated the “Widespace network” you should now be able to start serving ads in mediation with Widespace!



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