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April 2018

  • Fix issue where new ad request is triggered by size change of ad.

September 2017

  • Fix multiple time ad server calling with caching previous ad.
  • Add custom targeting data.

September 2016

  • Fix a crash reported by publisher regarding ad size changing



Google ad mediation plugin works for both DFP mediation & AdMob mediation. Integrate WideSpace Plugin for Google ad mediation into project & create custom ad networks from DFP or AdMob mediation web interface. Now Google ad SDK is ready for mediation with WideSpace ad SDK.


Integrate WS iOS SDK

Integrate WideSpace ad SDK WSLibrary.framework into project. See WideSpace SDK integration guidelines.


Add the Widespace Google Mediation

Before you get started please make sure to Integrate Google ad SDK GoogleMobileAds.framework into your project.


Download WideSpace Plugin for Google Ad Mediation 1.2.0
Add following plugin files into project:

  • WSCustomBanner.h
  • WSCustomBanner.m
  • WSCustomInterstitial.h
  • WSCustomInterstitial.m


Schermata 2016-05-18 alle 13.42.36


Custom Ad Network Creation

Create custom ad networks through DFP or AdMob mediation web interface. Class name WSCustomBanner is used for creating custom ad networks for WideSpace banner ad plugin & class name WSCustomInterstitial is used for WideSpace interstitial ad plugin.

– Custom event setup guideline on DFP for iOS



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