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Last Updated

July 2017

  • Updated plugin with Widespace Display SDK 4.8.7 and google play-services-ads 11.0.2

January 2017

  • Fixed ad scaling problem for a fixed size AdSpace other than MATCH_PARENT or WRAP_CONTENT.



Google ad mediation plugin works for both DFP mediation & AdMob mediation. Integrate WideSpace Plugin for Google ad mediation into project & create custom ad networks from DFP or AdMob mediation web interface. Now Google ad SDK is ready for mediation with WideSpace ad SDK.


Integrate WS Android SDK

Integrate the WS Android SDK with your app. Here is the link Android SDK Guidelines


Add the Widespace Google Mediation

Download WideSpace Plugin for Google Ad Mediation 1.0.3.

Find the following files under “” package directory in “ws_google_mediation” module and copy them to your app’s “” package directory.




DFP setup: Custom Ad Network Creation

Create custom ad networks through DFP or AdMob mediation web interface.
As Class name insert the plugin full class path. In label field we use the same name of the class (WSCustomEventBanner or WSCustomEventInterstitial) according to format.
You can find the unique SID code in Summit, or it’s provided from widespace integration team (don’t use the one in the picture)


– Custom event setup guideline on DFP for Android





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