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What are Conversion Tags?

From a business point of view, a Conversion Tag is a tag designed for advertisers to be able to do different types of retargeting on their campaigns running through Widespace network, towards users that have visited tagged pages of their site and/or shown interest in some product or service offering.

From a technical point of view, the Conversion Tag’s API is a single function. As its first argument it takes the tag ID you want to apply to the users visiting a specific subsection, product, service etc. that you want to retarget from. Below you’ll have an example of how the tag could look like:

wisp.tag( '3d3b7c88-8079-42df-9f80-b764ca4d6327' ); //This is not a valid ID to test with.

Sometimes you might want to apply more than one tag ID to the users visiting e.g. a specific brand of a product that you want to retarget on, or similar. In those cases you can add the IDs as shown below:

]); //These are not valid IDs to test with. 

If you have extra information about the user that you would like to add to the tag, just add an object with it as a second argument. Here is an example of how it could look like:

wisp.tag( '3d3b7c88-8079-42df-9f80-b764ca4d6327', {
    custom: {
        day: 'Valentine\'s day',
        section: 'sports'
    yob: 1984, 
    gender: 'Female' // Make sure the format is matching the examples described under "extra parameters" section further down below. 

Extra parameters

Parameter Description Format
city The users city, e.g. ‘Stockholm’
country The users country code(ISO 3166); e.g. ‘SE’
custom An object with data, e.g. { section: ‘sports’ }
gender The users gender ‘Male’ or ‘Female’
location The users geolocation; object with properties.
  • lat
  • long
  • accuracy
postcode The users postal code, e.g. ‘111 53’
yob The users year of birth, e.g. ‘1984’ ‘1984’

Get Started

By now you should have been provided with the correct Conversion Tag ID(s) to use within your Tag(s). If that is not the case, please reach out to your main point of contact at Widespace and we’ll make sure to provide you with the correct ID(s) in order to proceed with the integration.

Once you have created the Tag(s) you need, including the tag ID(s) and data you want to provide with it, it’s now time to add it into your site/section/product where you want to tag the users. Below you’ll find various example of how a complete Conversion Tag integration could look like. Please make sure that the library ( has loaded before attempting to tag anything.

Javascript async onload:

        function tagTheUser() {
            wisp.tag( '3d3b7c88-8079-42df-9f80-b764ca4d6327' ); //This is not a valid ID to test with.

Dynamically loading with jQuery or similar library:

        function tagTheUser() {
            wisp.tag( '3d3b7c88-8079-42df-9f80-b764ca4d6327' ); //This is not a valid ID to test with.

        $.getScript('', tagTheUser);

If you don’t feel comfortable with onload callbacks or the jQuery snippet you can use the below example instead:


        function tagTheUser() {
            wisp.tag( '3d3b7c88-8079-42df-9f80-b764ca4d6327' ); //This is not a valid ID to test with.

When the library is loaded it will look for a wisp.tags array, and call wisp.tag with each element as arguments.

Great, your Conversion Tag(s) should now be fully setup and ready to put live on your site!


You may also want to check on below link for further guidance on how to generate your own Conversion Tag:

Questions or in need of further guidance?

Feel free to contact and we’ll do our very best to help you out!

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