How to book a StreamView

To book a StreamView follow these easy steps:

  • Navigate to the Details tab
  • Choose the dimension that you want, when you do that the feature that applies to that dimension will be choosable.
  • Tick in StreamView in the feature part


  • Then, in the creative tab, add the landing page in the first square
  • If you have a third party tracking Summit will automatically replace the [timestamp] in the URL with WS_DYN_INS_RAND. If you have different macros like CACHEBUSTER or RANDOM then you need to replace it manually and insert WS_DYN_INS_RAND
  • You can add additional script trackers if needed

    Upload your start banner.

Upload your video file and type the length of the video.

Upload the static end banner.

If the video does not have a clear sender then you can upload a logo that needs to be 50x50px. To add a logo is not mandatory.

Now you can add a brand text of your choice.

You have many possibilities to track your video, click on the plus sign and you can add your tracking. Summit will create a low-resolution and a high-resolution video for better user experience. Below you can open the event tracking and add the tracking of your choice.

Save, now you are done. Use the preview in the upper right corner to check that everything is fine, for the QR code you can use your phone’s camera and the link is to open in your phone.


Aspect ratio for your videofile: Aspect ratio for your videofile: Takeover H600px,W600px/W300×H300px: 1:1, minimum W600px. Medium rectangle W600×H500px/300x250px: 6:5 for best fit, 1:1 is supported but letterboxing might occur. Minimum W600px. Panorama XL W600×H300px/W300×H150px: 2:1 for best fit, 16:9 is supported but letterboxing might occur. Minimum W600px. Vertical W600xH900px/W300xH450px: 2:3 for best fit, 9:16 is supported but letterboxing might occur. Minimum W600px.

Delivery: 1 video file, see aspects above, 1 image file format JPG, PNG, GIF max size 65kb, sizes H600px,W600px/W300×H300px, W600×H500px/W300×H3250px and W600×H6300px/W300×H150px. 1 logo 50x50px

For the full specification click here: Streamview specification

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