How to book a Storelocator

To book a Storelocator follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Details tab
  • Choose the dimension of the banner
  • Choose the feature Storelocator

  • Go to the creative tab
  • Add the landing page in the first square
  • If you have a third party tracking Summit will automatically replace the [timestamp] in the URL with WS_DYN_INS_RAND. If you have different macros like CACHEBUSTER or RANDOM then you need to replace it manually and insert WS_DYN_INS_RAND
  • You can add additional script trackers if needed


  • Upload the image, for a storelocator you need to use a physical banner in jpg, gif or png, not a script. Make sure the banner has a clear message like “Find nearest store”
  • Use one of the templates storelist_example.xlsx or storelist_example.csv to create your store list.
  • Upload the store list


  • The storelist template: add Name, Address, Latitude, Longitude. Phone number and landing page are optional choices, but we recommend to add at least the landing page.

  • You have the options to add a Phone button text like “Phone” and a Website button text like “Read more” if you want the users to be redirected to the phone number or the landing page.


  • The storelocator will look like this when ready, see below:


Information: Make sure the Storelocator banner has a clear message like “Find nearest store”

Format sizes available for Storelocator: Medium rectangle W300xH250, Takeover: W300xH300, Panorama XL W300xH150, Vertical W300×H450.


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