How to book a flight

Now you can continue the  the campaign booking with the creation with flight.

Add the name the flight

Give your flight a descriptive name for ease of use. Write for example the brand, the name of the material and the targeting implemented.

Campaign added by default

When you create the flight within a campaign, the campaign will be chosen by default.

Market added by default

The market will be filled in by default.

Run time add the campaign period

Select the dates during which your flight will be shown. These dates must be within the parameters of the campaign date.

Landing page URL

Enter the destination URL, i.e. the landing page the user will be redirected to when clicking the on the flight. It’s also possible to use a click tracker here instead. Always add https:// to the landing page URL, except for third party tracking URL´s. If your tracker is partially coded with [TIMESTAMP] then replace this with WS_DYN_INS_RAND (remove the brackets as well!). Otherwise, discrepancies might occur when measuring clicks. You can add an impression tracker in the Creative tab. If you would like to add more than one click tracker / URL, for example for a swipe, you can leave this field open and add the multiple click trackers on the creative side as well. If your material is in a script, it’s not necessary either to fill in the Landing page URL and you can leave this field open.


This field isn’t mandatory, but you could, for example, use it to fill in an invoice number.

Flight Type

Select the format of the flight you want to create, i.e. Takeover or Swipe. By selecting this format automatically, the creative page will be set according to the selected format.
(Tick the box named “Streamview” if you would like to create a Streamview).

Business model

Choose your preferred business model.You can choose between three different business models when you create a flight:

  1. CPM = the impressions is counted when the ad is rendered
  2. In screen = the impression is counted if a least 1% of the ad’s pixels are in view for one continuous millisecond or longer
  3. IAB Viewability = the impression is counted if at least 50% of the ad’s pixels are in view for one continuous second or longer.

Budget Allocation

Here you allocate budget to the flight. Allocate by percentage or budget.Click on “Save flight” in the top right corner. Now you will see tabs on the left. You should go through the tabs “Creative”, “Targeting” and “Delivery”. After saving the flight the option to Close/Open flight will appear.


Here you can choose where you want your flight to run. Book the Widespace packaged inventory or set up deals directly with publishers.

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