Geographical targeting

Widespace have a number of options for geo-targeting, dependent on how granular you wish to be.

  • Widespace Region Targeting allows explicit targeting of geo regions such as counties and cities.
  • Area Targeting allows explicit targeting of arbitrarily selected geo areas, which can be more granular than regional targeting, selecting specific towns for example. Such targeting requires location service data resulting in limited reach with more accurate inventory.

The geo location of viewers can be determined from the Location Service feature of mobile devices or by profiling anonymised IP addresses. Location Service data is where the device collects GPS, wifi and cell tower data to accurately position a user. Due to the sensitive nature of exact geo positioning, Location Service requires active opt-in from the device user. This limits inventory to users and publishers permitting access to geo position.

Geo profiling of anonymised IP addresses offers superior reach, but privacy concerns and technical limitations reduce the precision of the geo position. The trade-off between accuracy and reach is an important factor when applying geo products.


The Widespace Store Locator format makes use of device location service from within the banner, directing the user to their nearest store based on current location. When used in conjunction with region targeting, store locator ads can offer a good combination of hyperlocal precision and adequate reach.

We advise using explicit geo targeting only when the advertisement is clearly irrelevant for users outside the target audience or area. E.g. if the advertiser relies on physical outlets and those outlets only exist in certain geo regions. In other cases it is typically better to rely on automatic interest optimisation through the brand algorithm. Explicit geo targeting eliminates not only users outside the target area, but also all users whose geo position cannot be accurately determined. This often eliminates attractive inventory.

Booking geotargeting:

  • Click on targeting in the menu on your left
  • Click on the arrow to open the geographic tab

  • To add regions to your targeting, scroll down in the menu or mouse over the map and click directly on the area you want. You can also change the type of area displayed to a smaller one.
  • To remove a region, just click on the “x” icon next to the region name.
  • If you would like to target custom areas instead of regions, click on the small square button top right of the map and draw a rectangle over the area.
  • If you tick the red box “exclude”, this will do the opposite and exclude some Geo areas from delivery
  • Save your geo targeting
  • Save draft

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