DMP Targeting

Use 3rd party data to target specific audience demographics and/or interest and purchase intent segments. Integrated providers depend on the market but include Zeotap, Audience Project, Nordic Data Resources.

The Data Marketplace is an amazing tool for clients to aim campaigns at a very specific target audience.
It’s specifically intended for customers who have a very clear target audience in mind.

DMP targeting leverages the expertise of third party providers who specialise in one or more fields that can be extremely granular in some cases.
Other providers are less narrow but may supply profiling of segments or users outside Widespace expertise.

The third party data cost is displayed in Summit and updates as you change your preference.

You can combine different segments by creating one or more groups.
Any group can contain one or more different segment profiles.

A selector lets you choose if the relation between groups and/or in groups should be AND or OR, ie. if all criteria should be met or if it’s enough to fulfill one of them


In the example above there is an OR Selector inside Group 1.
That means either one of the two profiles must be matched to show an ad.

Between the two groups (above the total price) there is an AND Selector, meaning that the ad will only be shown to someone who ticks both boxes, eg a person between ages 35 and 54 with an interest in Arts & Entertainment.

A typical use case would be a client or agency who wants to target a very specific end user, for example parents of young children who enjoy winter sports.


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