How to book a Medium Rectangle

To book a Medium Rectangle follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Details tab
  • Chose the flight type 1:1 Medium Rectangle 300×250


  • Add the landing page in the first square
  • If you have a third party tracking Summit will automatically replace the [timestamp] in the URL with WS_DYN_INS_RAND. If you have different macros like CACHEBUSTER or RANDOM then you need to replace it manually and insert WS_DYN_INS_RAND
  • You can add additional script trackers if needed

  • To book an image click on browse and upload your image
  • To book a script choose Raw Html
  • Copy and paste your script into the container
  • Add the sizes of the script, width, and height, on your right-hand side
  • Save draft



Information: You have the possibility to add up to 10 creatives in one flight, they will then rotate randomly. You will have the option to add impression tracking for every creative that you upload. Likewise, will you be able to add several external script trackers. File settings are the default and no need to change.

Format sizes: Takeover: W600×H500px, which we will automatically adjust and resize to ensure the best quality across the network, alternatively W300×H250px.

Format sizes when delivering script tag: When delivering the ad as a third-party script tag make sure it is ratio 1:1, preferably 600x500px.Must support HTTPS.


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