Summit Survey Creation

Summit offers surveys to DSP and AdBuilder Accounts.

This will let you set up certified brand impact studies for you clients to measure the effectiveness of a contemporary or recent ad campaign by surveying up to 200 respondents on their attitude to the advertiser.

The methodology is developed by Millward Brown and designed to accurately measure campaign success.

To be able to create a survey the account has to be given access to surveys as a feature (just like with swipe, video, etc).
Access is granted by CM under Account Details as usual.

The survey is sold at a fixed price and will present a set of questions to the user to measure user brand attitudes after the campaign.
As an incentive to participate we donate money to charity for each completed survey.
This is shown but not editable in the survey creation interface.

Here is how to create a survey in Summit.

Choose a format that supports Surveys (like MREC, Takeover or Vertical).
Pick Survey as a feature.

Next, choose one of the predefined survey templates and language to start your survey.
The templates introduce predefined questions to measure user brand attitudes.

You will be asked to pick an original ad to base the survey on and an email notification address.


You can choose to use a control group.
If you do, two survey ads will be created.
One is for the exposed group, ie users that have seen the original ad.
The second is the control group, ie users who have not.
By comparing the brand attitude of those two groups we can measure uplift and evaluate campaign success.

You will be prompted to enter details like the brand name, ad category and template specific information (usually competitors).
Some boxes can’t be changed because they are related to the delivery or the charity to donate to.



Once they are are entered you can continue to the questions.



You can either run the survey as it stands, or you can reorder, remove, edit or add questions as you see fit.

To reorder a question, hold the mouse on the up/down arrow in front of the question number and drag the question to where you want it to be.

To remove a question, click on the selector under Display Mode and choose Exclude or click the red Delete Button

To add a question, scroll to the bottom of the template questions and click on Add Question.

Next you will add your question, input style and options.
Let’s look at some of them in a little while.

The available options depend on the chosen Selection Type and Presentation Type (see below for two examples).


Editing a question is very similar to adding one in terms of options.

You can change the following:

Selection Type: Whether the question allows Single Select, Multi Select or User Input

Presentation Type: User Interface to present for the question. Varies with Selection Type.
For Single Select:

For Multi Select:

For User Input:

Once you are done setting up the questions you should choose one to be the completion page.
After the completion page is answered the survey will be counted as completed.
We recommend not having too many questions to complete as user dropoff will be a reality.

Next up is Display Mode…

…which leads us to the last button,

The last button is called Resource.

That is used to add an image to show on the question slide.
Toggled by Display Mode, the resource is what we call Creative there.


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