How to book Advertiser tags


Create the Advertiser Tag

  • Click on Tools and choose Advertiser tags
  • Click on the button create tag
  • A popup will appear and here you can name your tags so you can easily identify it
  • Click on create Advertiser Tag
  • Your script is now created

Book the Advertiser Tag in your campaign

  • Click on targeting in the menu on your left
  • Click on the tab Advertiser tag bar
  • Choose the Advertiser tag that you have to create in the drop down menu
  • Save draft

How to handle the Advertiser tags script

Send the Advertiser Tags to the webmaster that will implement them on the landing page. Add the tag on the section that you want to follow the user. For questions and support regarding the implementation don’t hesitate to contact:

What are Advertiser Tags?

An Advertiser Tag is a tag designed for advertisers to be able to do a different type of retargeting on their campaigns running through Widespace network. For instance, you can collect data to find twins, retarget audience, track conversion and categorize the traffic on your site. 


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