Conversion Tags in Summit

Conversion tags are used to track users that visit and perform an action, on the advertiser’s landing page after being exposed to an ad.

Booking Conversion Tags

1. Go to the tab Tools and click Conversions Tags from the drop-down menu.


2. Click on Create Tag.



3. Give the tag a relevant name and click on Create Conversion Tag. You can choose 3 types of Conversions Tags 1)Visit, corresponds for example to a user visiting the landing page 2)Lead, corresponds for example to a user going through a step in a sign-up/buying process 3)Order, corresponds to a user finalizing the sign-up/buying process. You have a fourth choice where you can have any other kind of purpose on your tag.



To get the script, you go to Tools and then Conversions Tags. Click on the button Get Script.




How to implement the Advertiser Tags

Send the Advertiser Tags to the webmaster that will implement them on the landing page. Add the tag to the section that you want to follow the user.
For questions and support check the Conversion Tags Integration documentation or contact


When running campaigns where you would like to target this specific Advertiser Tag, you do it in the Targeting tab inside the flight.

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