Split Video

A rich media format that maximises user attention and video views. The initial ad space is divided into an animated start banner (up to a 3 second loop from the video) and a static image that is clickable.

A clickable end banner is shown in the whole ad space once the video stops playing, leading to an URL of choice.

  Combine a short and focused message with a storytelling format
  Designed to increase user interaction
  One of our most commonly used formats





Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 2:1. Minimum W600px
Max file size: 10MB
Duration: 5-30 seconds (max 120 seconds)
File formats: MP4 H.264 codec 30fps and audio in AAC-LC up to 48kHz


Static and animated banner: W600xH300px
End banner: W600xH600px for Takeover, W600xH500px for Medium Rectangle

The animated banner is produced by Widespace from the video file.
Max file size: 65kB (per banner)
File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF

  Third-Party Script Tags

This format can not be delivered as a third-party script tag, see also section “Delivery”.


Widespace always tracks clicks and impressions. Third-party tracking can also be implemented:

  • 1 impression tracker
  • 3 click trackers (click to play, click on static banner part and click to landing page from end banner)

Must support HTTPS.

  Lead Time

3 working days prior to campaign start, provided that all material is delivered according to the specifications in this document.


  • 1 video (for file sizes greater than 10MB please provide a download link)
  • 1 image for the static start banner
  • 1 image for the end banner
  • 1 target URL

The animated start banner is produced by Widespace from the video file.

Send all material to traffic@widespace.com

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