360° Video

Our most interactive video product, allowing users to look around 360° in the video using gyro and touch input.

The video is started by a click on the start banner and linked to an in-line video with a possibility to add an overlay with logo and call-to-action link.

The start screen can be an overlay with transparent background and the 360 still image can also be used for a background on the start screen.

End banner shows after completed video and links to an URL of choice.

  Interactive video to increase total view time per sessions
  A format allowing user to “touch and feel” the product
  Logo for added brand exposure
  Call to action link to strengthen message clarity




Ratio: Minimum 4096×2048 (4k) spherical panorama video
Duration: Recommended 40-50 seconds (max 120 seconds)
File formats: MP4 H.264 codec


Dimensions: W600xH600px
Max file size: 100kB
Logo: W50xH50px (10kB)
File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF

  Third-Party Script Tags

This format can not be delivered as a third-party script tag, see also section “Delivery”.


One short sentence next to the logo. Max 20 characters.

  Lead Time

6 working days prior to campaign start, provided that all material is delivered according to the specifications in this document.


Widespace always tracks clicks and impressions. Third-party tracking can also be implemented:

  • 1 start to view
  • 1 click tracker for the logo and the end banner

Must support HTTPS.


  • 1 video (for file sizes greater than 10MB please provide a download link)
  • 1 image for start banner, for a preview of the 360 Video as start banner, deliver a transparent overlay banner (.png). Include CTA to start the video, e.g a play button
  • 1 image for end banner
  • 1 image for logo
  • 1 copy for call to action
  • 1 target URL on end banner

If no images are delivered the first video frame will act as the start banner and the last video frame will be used as the end banner.

Send all material to traffic@widespace.com

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