Store Locator

The most efficient format to foot traffic to point of sale. The feature displays a map with the route to the nearest store when the user taps the ad. Loved by retail advertisers and is a strong solution if a landing page is not available. Well integrated on both mobile web and app.

  Guides buyers to store locations
  Opens map within the ad format, without leaving the app or mobile site
  Map pin can link to “More info” and “Call“
  Simple. Deliver banner plus address list and go




Dimensions: W600xH600px
Max file size: 65kB
File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF

  Third-Party Script Tags

This format can not be delivered as a third-party script tag, see also section “Delivery”.


Widespace always tracks clicks and impressions. Third-party tracking tags can also be implemented:

  • 1 impression tracker
  • 3 click trackers (click to map, click to read more and click to call)

Must support HTTPS.


The banner copy should contain a clear call to action such as “Find your nearest store“.

  Geo Data

Provide a spreadsheet with the columns: street address* (max 1000 addresses), city*, latitude, longitude, company name, phone and URL.
street address and city are mandatory and need to be available through Google Maps.

  Lead Time

6 working days prior to campaign start, provided that all material is delivered according to the specifications in this document.


  • 1 image banner
  • 1 spreadsheet with at least the 2 columns street address and city to the stores / resellers.
    Download example Excel Sheet.
  • 1 target URL (optional)

Send all material to

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