This is a built-in iPhone coupon application. An optional ad format can lead to a coupon ad that will be downloaded to the user’s iPhone. A notification can be displayed when the user is close to a specific location (if provided with geo data).
Coupons can only be deleted by the user.

  Engages the user in relevant situations
  Efficient format to foot traffic to point of sale





Dimensions: W58xH58px (notification icon), W100xH100px (logo), W740xH288px (strip image, placed behind Header 1 and Text 1)
Max file size: 65kB (per image)
File formats: PNG

For start banner see specification for Panorama XL.

  Third-Party Script Tags

This format can not be delivered as a third-party script tag, see also section “Delivery”.


Widespace always tracks clicks, impressions and number of downloaded coupons. Third-party tracking can also be implemented:

  • 1 impression tracker
  • 1 click tracker (click to coupon).

Must support HTTPS.


We need copy for all the available text fields in a Wallet coupon (see image above for text placements). If the strip image contains text you can disregard copy for Header 1 and Text 1.

  • Coupon title – up to 20 characters
  • Header 1 – up to 8 characters
  • Text 1 – up to 30 characters
  • Header 2 – up to 50 characters
  • Text 2 – up to 50 characters
  • Header 3 – up to 40 characters
  • Text 3 – up to 380 characters (supports HREF- and BR-tags)
  • Logo text (optional) – up to 20 characters
  • Notification text (only if geo data is provided) – up to 40 characters

  Expiration Day

The expiration of the coupon has to be set to one out of two different ways:

  • Days after download; e.g. 25 days after the coupon has been downloaded
  • Date irrespective of when the coupon has been downloaded; e.g. 30th of July 2020.

  Geo Data

For location based notifications optionally provide a spreadsheet with the columns: street address* (max 1000 addresses), city*, latitude, longitude and company name.
Street address and city are mandatory and need to be available through Google Maps.

  Lead Time

6 working days prior to campaign start, provided that all material is delivered according to the specifications in this document.


  • 1 start banner (Panorama XL)
  • 1 logo
  • 1 notification icon
  • 1 strip image
  • 1 spreadsheet with geo data (optional)
  • Copy for all required text fields
  • Background and text color
  • Expiration day

Send all material to traffic@widespace.com

Wallet coupon demo (iOS / Safari only)

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