An ad where the user can scratch to reveal another banner. Creates engagement and awareness by letting the user interact with the ad. An animated scratch symbol, that fades out after the first interaction, is added automatically.

  Capture user’s interest
  Designed to increase user interaction


Dimensions: W600xH1200
Max file size: 65kB (per banner)
File formats: JPG, PNG

  Third-Party Script Tags

This format can not be delivered as a third-party script tag, see also section “Delivery”.


Widespace always tracks clicks and impressions. Third-party tracking can also be implemented:

  • 1 impression tracker
  • 1 click tracker

Must support HTTPS.

  Lead Time

3 working days prior to campaign start, provided that all material is delivered according to the specifications in this document.


  • 1 image to be scratched away
  • 1 image revealed behind
  • 1 target URL

Send all material to

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