Campaign Site Native

A campaign site is an extended version of an ad. This is useful if you can’t fit all necessary information in the ad format. It can contain images, text and video.

Please see section “Features” for a more detailed information regarding the different features.

A campaign site is not a mobile version of your original website. It’s merely a micro site related to a specific Widespace campaign.




Please deliver high resolution images, at least 640 pixels wide if possible. All image file types are supported but may be converted by Widespace. For animations we recommend GIF images.

  • Header image
  • Logo
  • Additional images (optional)

Specify who should be credited as the author.

The copy should be clearly sectioned and delivered in a way that it is clear what type of formatting should be used, i.e. bold, italic, header etc. Should contain the following:

  • Title
  • Sub title, approx five words
  • Body text, max 280 characters (incl. space)
  • Article text, max 1000 characters (incl. space)
  • 2-3 sentences for click-out

Click here to view example site.


Widespace tracks average time spent.

  Lead Time

Assets and brief must be delivered no later than 10 working days prior to campaign start to

For banners leading to campaign site, see specification here for Takeover Native or Swipe Native


  • Brief / Manuscript / Manual *
  • Logotype and header image *
  • Copy / Text *
  • Other images
  • Custom fonts (.ttf, .otf or .woff)

* Mandatory

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